Mountain Bike Suspension Service

Suspension is the heaviest worked and often times, the most under serviced part of your bike. Without routine service, performance degrades at a rate that is unnoticeable. Through routine service and the proper tuning we can help improve your confidence and make the bike perform better on the trails.

RockShox Reverb Seatpost

-Bleed - $25

-Bleed and Key Replace - $50 (Every 50hr)
-Seal Head Service - $100 (Every 200hr)
-Complete Rebuild - $150 (Every 400hr)

Suspension Fork

-Lower Leg Service - $100 (Every 50hr)
-Complete Rebuild - $175 (Every 100hr)

Rear Shock

-Air Can Service - $80 (Every 50hr)

*Prices listed above are for labor only. There are many variables to this service menu so prices may vary after inspection and diagnosis. | This is a brief overview of our services. Please call for more details or questions.