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Planetary Cycles Trade In Program

Trade In and Trade Up

Do you have your eye on a new bicycle? Do you have “too many bikes”? TRADE YOUR BIKE IN NOW!! The bicycle industry moves just as fast as our electronic world! It is time to update today! We have a vast selection of bicycles to choose from. It is time to upgrade!

Are you are wondering what your bicycle might be worth? Fill out our estimator and get real time results.

*Please note: Due to the changes in popularity of 26” wheeled bicycles the value will be about 20% less shown in the estimator below. All trade-in bicycles need to be of a bicycle shop quality.

How easy was that? What do you do next?

Like a car dealership, we will need to see the bike in person to give it a proper inpsection. Any necessary repairs will be figured in to the final trade in value. We recommend giving the bike a bath before bringing it in. Please do not power wash it at the car wash. This can damage the bike.

If this trade value is acceptable, we complete some quick paper work, and you can start shopping now!

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