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We’re Here For You

Whether you’re an influencer on your training ride or a starry-eyed newbie hoping to awe your cycling partner, we have the hottest gear and the best recommendations. Bike GPS with all of the bells and whistles, rechargeable LED light systems, helmets with integrated crash sensors - however you nerd out on bikes and tech, we’ve got something for you.

We Love Stats

A true sign of bike nerdery is tracking every metric on every ride, indoors and out. We have bike computers that can help you accurately navigate your ride, monitor and record your vitals, compete against fellow geeks in real time through Strava, and much more. We’d love nothing more than to explain every feature to you and help you choose the device that’s right for you.

Shine Brightly

Lumens, optics, rechargeable internal batteries - modern day light descriptions are littered with these trendy buzzwords. What does it all mean? It means that you can ride safely, seeing and being seen, with a super lightweight, super bright front and rear light set that is quickly recharged via USB (AAA batteries are so 2014).

Protect Your Brain

There’s so much exciting technology in new bike helmets that it’ll make your head spin (metaphorically, of course). From crash sensors that call for help to the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) to unbelievably light and strong materials, helmets are an accessory worthy of some serious research and consideration. Fit is also key, so stop by and try some on today, and we’ll fill your head with fascinating helmet information.